Thursday, April 19, 2012

Richter Richter

After seeing the documentary, Gehard Richter Painting, (which Penny so kindly helped translate for me since we were seeing a German film in Germany), we set out to see the big Richter show at the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin.  

Installation shot of painting and mirror

Ema (Akt auf einer Treppe) - Ema (Nude on Staircase) 1966

7 stehende Scheiben - 7 Standing panes 2002

While there were of course many fantastic paintings, these works using different types of tempered glass were by far my favorite.  Lending interesting views of the work around them, these pieces distorted space and reflections in a way that was familiar but that I had not quite seen before.

11 Scheiben - 11 Panes 2004

As far as the paintings go, this little iceberg was by far my favorite.  Credited as part of the Fischer Collection, hopefully I'll get the chance to see this guy back home in San Francisco in the future.

Eisberg im Nebel - Iceberg in Mist 1982

And because two oceans are better than one...

 Seastück (See See) - Seascape (Sea Sea) 1970

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