Monday, August 15, 2011

David Hockney at SVMA

Digging up Glass (Mountain), Old Rinkrank

On a recent trip home to visit family an friends, I stopped in at the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art and was pleasantly surprised by a little show they had of etchings by David Hockney illustrating 6 fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm (not to mention the barrel tasting going on in the lobby, gotta love the wine country).

Straw on the Left, Gold on the Right, Rumpelstilzchen

Wooded Landscape,

There were 6 etchings for each of the 6 fairy tales Hockney chose to illustrate. Some of the tales were instantly recognizable while the others I was unfamiliar with, but the illustrations were descriptive enough to understand the plot and exhibit the playful eccentricities that are always present in the Grimm stories.

Glass Mountain Shattered, Old Rinkrank

Overall it was the etching's geometry and patterns that won me over and I was impressed that some of the visual language he was using back in the late 1960's is so similar to what I've been seeing in some contemporary artists work.

Sexton Disguised as a Ghost Stood Still as Stone
, The Boy Who Left Home To Learn Fear

The Tower had one Window, Rapunzel

The Lake

The Haunted Castle, The Boy Who Left Home To Learn Fear

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